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She Starts With 1-1/4 Yd. By 60″ And What She Does Is Something We All Need And Love!

I’m in love with this item and made one right after I watched this tutorial. I think I’d be lost without it, now that I have it…I just didn’t know what I was missing before!

You can’t beat a big soft and cuddly body pillow! The custom cover is removable and has a hidden pocket. The body pillow can be stuffed to be as soft or as firm as you would like. And, ladies, this is a great replacement if you don’t have a boyfriend or husband to cuddle with!

Many people enjoy the additional support offered by a body pillow. Body pillows are especially helpful during pregnancy, as well as for people who experience back problems.

The single, long pillow also looks sleek and attractive on your bed. And making a body pillow is a simple sewing project that can be completed in a couple of hours for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one.

You never have to be uncomfortable again. Sleep like a baby every time with your very own DIY body pillow. I just love mine and highly recommend it for a good nights sleep.

Watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes this great body pillow in her step by step tutorial and get busy making one for yourself!