She Surprises Boyfriend With A Very Sentimental Mason Jar Gift For Their Anniversary (Brilliant!)

Ok guys and gals, this is a fabulous gift idea for your anniversary! I can’t think of anything more touching than this to give to your loved one on your big celebration.

I’ve made up a bunch of similar types of jars, but I call them Happy Jars and they are filled with positive sentiments to read at the start of your day. This particular mason jar craft makes for an incredibly meaningful gift. I can’t think of anything sweeter than receiving a jar full of reasons why I love I am loved, by my beloved.

She typed out 365 reasons why she loves her boyfriend and cut them into small strips, folding them up to put in the jar. In this tutorial she gives you a bunch of ideas for doing this DIY project.

She types up memories, attributes and all kinds of fabulous things to say to her loved one. Etsy actually sells these for up to $32! I was really shocked by this and also thought “I’m in the wrong business!”

This is such a wonderful keepsake that can be looked at for years to come. If I received one of these from my loved one I would be so touched, as I imagine anyone would be.

Watch how Cynthia does this in her step by step tutorial so you can start making your loved one this sweet gift!



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