She Takes A Silver Placemat And 4 Octagon Mirrors And Makes A Breathtaking Item!

I was browsing on the Internet and stopped abruptly when I saw this beautiful DIY project. I was so taken by it that I simply had to have these for my home!

You can choose any placemat that you like, I just happened to love the one that she uses in her tutorial, so I went on the hunt for placemats that at least looked similar. I actually found some on Amazon that looked really close to the ones she uses and was so excited!

I thought the silver placemats would be best over the mirrors and thought any other color would be too big of a contrast and not look as elegant as these do. This is totally up to you…it’s a matter of taste or preference.

This DIY project is so incredibly easy and you get to see the results fast. I love projects like this because I’m so impatient!

The green plant she puts in this planter at the very end is such a brilliant contrast and really makes the whole look pop. It’s simply stunning and looks fabulous on my dining room table as a centerpiece.

Watch how this gal with GreenCrystalRose makes these stunning planters in her step by step tutorial.


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