She Takes a Sushi Mat & Some Glue & Makes Something Every Gal Can Use!

OMG! I love this idea and the fact that it’s so cheap and easy to make! Since I love mine so much, I’m gonna make these for my nieces…they’re gonna love them! I can’t think of any gal that wouldn’t love having one of these! It’s so useful and a brilliant idea.

She uses a sushi mat to create this brush roll, but if you’ve got larger items you’d like to use this for, you can also use a bamboo placemat to give yourself more space. Before I had this organizer for my brushes they were all over the place and when I traveled, before I had this brush organizer, I had a hard time finding the ones that I needed.  What a mess!  BUT, not any more!  A brush organizer is so awesome and I don’t know what I did before I made this one. You may need about 25 minutes or more to make this organizer, but once you are done you can really use it for all of your brushes. Nothing will be lost any more. Yay!

I love how I now have a dedicated slot for each of my makeup brushes and I can’t wait to take this on my next trip. Sure, you can buy one of these at most beauty stores, but why not make it for under $5! You can also use this project for your crochet needles, colored pencils, paintbrushes or even picnic utensils.

If you like to stay organized as much as I do, this DIY project is for you! Watch her step by step tutorial so you can have one of these fabulous makeup brush holders!  SHARE this with your friends on Facebook so they can make one too!


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