Thursday, November 30

She Takes An Old Piece Of Furniture And Uses This Awesome Rarely Seen Technique (Watch!)

Most of us know that if we hire someone to do this or purchase it already done, we are going to pay a fortune for it. That’s exactly why I’m bringing this furniture technique to you today. I know all you DIY’ers out there are gonna love this…I certainly did!

This post will help you achieve that beautiful well worn, loved, aged and antique look on furniture and decor items. This is something you can do to new furniture or to give old furniture a new rustic look.

I wanted to show you a different way of distressing furniture. It’s a technique that I’ve never heard of until I saw this tutorial. Maybe I just live a sheltered life, but I never knew you could refinish furniture this way. I absolutely love turquoise and right after seeing this I just had to do a piece of furniture like this…it’s so rich looking and has that Santa Fe look that I love so much!

There is something really comforting about distressed furniture. I’m crazy about it and I know that not everybody is, but there sure are a lot of us that do love this look!

I’d been dreaming do doing this project since I found this image online over a year ago. I’ve finally done it and I’m now wondering why I didn’t do it sooner, so don’t procrastinate, if you’ve been thinking about doing this. The results are amazing and it makes you feel so accomplished!

Watch how this lady with Rustic Duck Furniture refinishes this great piece in her step by step tutorial and I say “go for it”!








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