She Takes Broken China, Glues It To Concrete And Adds Something Fabulous To Her Garden!

This is a great solution to utilize those broken or cracked dishes you’ve been saving up because you knew you could do something cool with them, but wasn’t quite sure what DIY project would be the best to do.

That’s right you can create beautiful garden stones with broken dishes or china. So don’t throw that china away or those ceramic dishes away…especially if you broke some of them. Save them in a box or container and later use them for beautiful stones for your garden.

In my case, I some how tipped over the curio trying to catch my balance from falling off of a chair, when I was trying to hang a picture on the wall. All my china in the cabinet came crashing down! I was sick about it.

A friend of mine called right after this happened and she suggested that I save the pieces and she would show me how to make garden stones out of them. She told me you can create a beautiful design with the pieces that broke by making garden stepping stones. I never heard about using broken dishes to make garden stepping stones, but she told me to hold on to them and she would show me how. I couldn’t wait so I got online and found the attached tutorial that showed me exactly how to make these.

Watch how this gal, with My Life, makes this cool stepping stone in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making yours! If you don’t have broken china, or dishes, you can purchase all types of different colored stones at your local craft store.


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