She Takes Colored Card Stock And Transforms It Into Exquisite Flowers. Learn How!

I was amazed at how lovely these paper flowers are and had to make some for my home as soon as I saw this tutorial! I filled up a large vase with these and absolutely love them!

This would make a lovely project to give to someone in hospital…and they’ll last way past the hospital stay!

Who needs to buy fresh flowers when you can make these gorgeous flowers that won’t wilt or die? This was the perfect DIY project for me because I used to buy fresh flowers, for my home, on a weekly basis.

When I made these, I made several different colors for an eye catching flower arrangement. Any time I have a guest in my home, they are always drawn to my paper flower arrangement.

This is a great craft to have in your bag of tricks, since we all need to take flowers to someone on various occasions. The reaction to my gift of these flowers is always one of complete and utter amazement.

People love receiving these! Just imagine if someone brought you a bouquet of these lovely flower. It really touches people that you spent the time to make them such a thoughtful gift.

Watch how Angela Holt makes these stunning flowers in her step by step tutorial.






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