She Takes Her Child’s Art And Transfers It To Fabric, Then Watch What She Does Next!

I love children’s art and think it should be framed and hung on the wall for everyone to see, but what this lady does with her children’s art is really clever!

In this tutorial, find out how to trace your little one’s drawings onto the fabric and create memorable keepsakes. With this technique, you can pass on your child’s drawings over generations.

There’s just something so special about children’s drawings. I love them so much that I have a stack of my grandchildren’s art work and I’ve had every intention of framing some of them.

I remembered I needed to do that when I went my sister-in-laws birthday party a couple of weeks ago and on the walls of the lady’s home were children’s artwork. It covered every square inch of the wall and was fabulous!

I can’t think of a cuter quilt or wall hanging than one like Minki Kim does in this tutorial. I thought this was such a unique idea that I decided to transfer some of my grandchildren’s drawings on fabric to sew at the bottom of my denim flounce skirt and it couldn’t be cuter! I just love it and apparently other people do too. I get so many compliments!

Watch how Minki Kim transfers these children’s drawings to fabric in her step by step tutorial.

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