She Takes Old Jewelry Apart Now Watch The Stunning She Thing Does With It!

Most of us have all kinds of old jewelry, whether we’ve inherited it or if it’s just from collecting it over the years. I’ve made some really cool things with my old jewelry. My Mom had so much old costume jewelry and the sweet memories I have of her wearing it prompted me to create something out of it. If you’re sentimental like I am, you’re gonna want to do the same!

The first bib necklace I made has all of my grandmother’s old jewelry on it, but I used a baseball hat brim and covered it with leopard print fabric first, then I started gluing all of the old jewelry pieces on. I used off white pom pom trim in place of the ribbon that she uses in this video. It is simply stunning and I get tons of compliments and questions about it. All of the pieces are silver, gold and off white. I have some of her vintage buttons on it too.  It’s priceless!

This is one of the easiest projects I’ve done. It costs virtually nothing to make and adds a great pop of color to an outfit. You can add a nice mix of shapes and colors and create a bib necklace that would cost a bit to buy in a retail establishment. Embellished necklaces can get pretty pricey!

Bold is IN and you’ll make a statement with this stunning bib! You can use any color that matches your outfit and you can make more than one! I did!

Watch how she does this in her tutorial and get that old jewelry out!




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