She Takes Plastic Spoons And What She Makes With Them Is Spectacular. Watch!

I’ve gotta say that I was astounded when I saw that she made this with plastic spoons. The fact that she made this incredible chandelier for $6 also blew my mind. It’s absolutely stunning!

I would have never dreamed that you could make something so fabulous with plastic utensils, would you? This actually looks expensive and the fact that she spent so little making it just goes to show all of us how much money we can save by doing DIY projects!

I had to have it…only at this great price tag! So off to the dollar store I went! I love anything like this. I refuse to pay the price of expensive chandeliers, although I’d dreamed of having one some day. Now I have one and it’s beyond chic and fabulous! My friends can’t believe it when they see it. They can’t stop talking about it.
So if I hadn’t told you what this fixture is made of would you have ever guessed it was made with plastic spoons? I know that I wouldn’t have ever guessed.
She uses a soldering kit that she bought at Home Depot, but I got mine from Amazon for $15.99. They are great to have if you are a serious crafter. You’d be surprised by all the things you can do with one of these kits.
Watch how Norris Chan creates this amazing chandelier in her step by step tutorial so you can make one of these beauties for your home.




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