She Takes Two Flat Sheets, Sews Three Sides Together. Then Watch What She Does Next!

I was wondering if there was a tutorial for making one of these and found a great one that I want to share with you today!

The reason I picked this particular tutorial is because she makes this duvet cover so that the comforter inside actually stays put. That’s the most frustrating thing about duvet covers, don’t you agree?

She actually attaches ties to the corners of the duvet cover, and the comforter, so that they can be tied to the comforter so it will stay in place…what a concept, right? Sometimes we don’t think of the simplest solutions to a problem, but not to worry, this gal did and she shared it with us!

Good duvets are expensive; they need to be protected. This simple, inexpensive cover will help to keep your duvet clean and will eliminate the necessity for a top sheet as well, which means your bed will be easier to make. Simply fluff and smooth.

Any two sheets will do, so there’s no end to the colors and patterns you can choose from. And since a sheet duvet cover is so easy to make, why not sew a second, for laundry days, while you’re at it?

Alexander Doumas shows us how to make this clever duvet cover in her step by step tutorial.


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