She Takes Two Old Chairs, Paints Them And Turns Them Into A Useful Piece Of Furniture!

I love all of the fabulous DIY projects for repurposing old furniture, especially ones that are this simple to transform!

A few weeks ago while I was out looking through yard sales I came across a bunch of old chairs. There were dozens of them, broken, mangled and set out to rot. I would guess that they were pretty old and I loved the vintage appeal of them. I decided that I would save a couple of them from the garbage dump, but I didn’t have enough room in my van.

The chairs were decrepit. They were missing their seats and needing of a good cleaning. When I washed away the dirt I found gorgeous metal brackets on the corners.  These chairs reminded me of something country chic and I remembered a DIY project I’d seen on Pinterest where old chairs were turned into a bench!
It is now setting under my windows in my dining room for extra guest seating. Remember, just because something is old it does not mean it is useless.
Watch how this gal with Kansas City Live makes this cool bench in her step by step tutorial and turn your old chairs into this fabulous bench for your home decor.


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