She Ties Knots In A Rope And What She Does Next Is Genius (Watch!)

This is such a unique idea to add to your home decor…very functional too! It’s rather striking and costs next to nothing to make! This is my favorite kind of project…quick, easy and best of all, cheap!

Of all the DIY projects you can do for your home, shelves are among the simplest of all. And we’re not solely talking about the minimalist floating shelf type. There are numerous other designs and ideas you can try, some of which are extremely interesting, ingenious and practical. This hanging shelf project certainly has its own great characteristics and its own way of completing your home in a beautiful way.

These shelves are so great for displaying books, picture frames and trinkets. They are great for children’s rooms and you can even use these shelves as a hanging planter stand.

I always find myself hoarding small trinkets that I have no idea where to store. I hung some of these shelves last year that are already overflowing with plants, frames, and small ceramic sculptures. I also want to hang some smaller shelves that will also serve as an art piece. I love the look of the wood…the simplicity of it… and strength of rope cord. The result is a simple design that makes a big impact in your space!

Watch how simple it is to make this hanging shelf in Mr. Kate’s step by step tutorial. Just one more great idea for storing things and getting them organized!



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