She Ties Knots To Put These Squares Together And Watch The Fascinating Thing She Makes (Simple!)

Knot blankets are not a new thing. However, making my own now is! Once I saw this tutorial I was off to the fabric store!

I have seen these cozy, fleecy, want-to-curl-up-with blankets around pretty much all my life, but I hadn’t seen them with all of the knotted squares. I had never paid that much attention to them until a friend of mine told me she was making some for her boys for Christmas.

I totally ripped off her idea and decided to do the same thing for my little people. I loved the idea of my three year old granddaughter  picking out her own fabric and having something homemade from her MiMi to cuddle with.  We came home with some yummy fleece fabric for me to make some blankets of these cool blankets.

Fleece comes in SO many different prints. You can customize each blanket to the person you are giving it to!

Making these really goes pretty fast when you sit down and watch your favorite show on TV….time passes quickly and you don’t notice how tedious it is to sit and tie knots while catching up on your favorite shows!

The great thing about these blankets is that you don’t need to do any sewing! This is to all the people out there who are intimidated by a sewing machine! Although, to those of you who do sew, it’s still a pretty cool DIY project!

Watch how Alex with Alex Toys makes this simple blanket in her step by step tutorial and get busy tying those knots!


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