She Ties Up Some Twigs and Spends 0$ To Make This Designer Copycat. (WATCH!)

Free People is a store that I love to go into. I drool over all the unique clothing and nik naks they have. I saw this in there and thought how simple it is to make and costs nothing! Rather than pay a lot of money for this, you can make your own. For all of you who love the rustic feel of nature, this little project will be something you can easily make and utilize every day!

If you’re anything like me, and love jewelry, you can always use something else to hang it on. I have a huge jewelry armoire and trinkets holding a lot of my jewelry, yet I like having something convenient on my countertop so I can just grab my every day jewelry, rather than go looking for it in my jewelry armoire. This was a great idea for me. Everything is right at my fingertips when need to put my jewelry on in the morning. I can’t think of anything simpler or easier for that purpose! It is an economical way to milk additional life out of nature’s fallen limbs!

Simple projects like this are my favorite because you can see the results FAST! Since I made this I have saved time looking for my jewelry. I wear lots of jewelry on a daily basis…probably more than most of you, but this will still come in handy and it looks unique sitting on your dresser or bathroom counter!

So this is a way to bring nature inside your home and repurpose those tree branches that are no longer serving their purpose. You can leave them natural or paint them your favorite color! Rather than tie them off with some twine, you can use a beautiful ribbon too! I preferred the natural look so I tied them off with the twine.

Watch this simple step by step tutorial so you can make your unique jewelry holder!



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