She Traces A Design On A Vase…After Seeing What She Does Next You’ll Have To Do This!

This DIY project is amazing and it is super easy, but when you see the finished project you’ll think it looks incredibly complicated.

I love the way she drew her design on paper, put the paper inside the square vase and traced the design off onto the vase…brilliant, right?

I have always adored stained glass, but since it involves welding, this was the next best thing. I mean, after all, this looks like stained glass and doesn’t involve a lot of time consuming effort.

These make the greatest gifts too! Since seeing this tutorial, I’ve made several of these for gifts, after making one for my home first, of course!

Nothing is prettier than the sun streaming through your handmade glass vase! It’s simple to create a customized vase, using your favorite design, that you can fill it with fresh flowers all year long.

You can do this on other things besides a glass vase. This looks great done on a picture frame without the back and hung in a window. Just use your imagination!

Watch how Ready For DIY  does this in her step by step tutorial.

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