She Traces A Mason Jar Lid To Replace A Flimsy Item For A Sturdy One That We All Need

Now this is one of the easiest DIY mason jar projects to do, yet it is so beneficial and you will use it for many years to come.

This takes only a few minutes to make but your matches will keep for a long time if you store them in this little jar. It’s not only useful, but so much more attractive too!

This is a brilliant solution to those match boxes that end up getting wet or food all over them, while we’re cooking or grilling out.

She shows us how to make a clever match dispenser with a jelly sized mason jar and throws away the flimsy box they came in! This is such an easy DIY project, yet is nice and sturdy and will keep your matches from humidity and other environmental elements. It also keeps all the matches from coming out of the box at once!

She traces the lid and cuts the part of the match box that has the sand paper out, in the size to fit the top of her jar. Then she cuts a hole in the top of that for easy dispensing of the matches and slides the mason jar ring on the top…it’s that easy guys!

These make cute little gifts to put into a gift basket, along with other goodies, so keep this little inexpensive project in mind when you’re putting together a basket for a housewarming gift.

Watch how Rachel does this clever project in her step by step tutorial!





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