She Traces A Shirt On Her Old Jeans, Cuts It Out And Makes A Fabulously Chic Item!

Many of us take our old jeans to Goodwill or donate them, but you’ll think twice about doing that when you see the cool fashion item she makes in the tutorial attached below!

Jeans are one of our favorite pieces of clothing and at least one pair of jeans that were your favorite but are now too old or out-dated can be easily turned into some pretty and fashionable outfits for every day use.

There are many ways to recycle old jeans into new fashion. This is just one example of a unique and awesome way to refashion those old jeans so you can wear them once again.

There is a lot you can do with an old pair of jeans…add lace accents or even gems. Your old jeans have never looked so good and it’s exciting to have something new to wear. Right?

I love the way she designed this top with the slits on the sides…it’s so fashionable and chic! And, believe it or not, this is so ridiculously easy to make…the best kind of DIY project!

So why not take the old clothes you don’t wear anymore and turn them into a something stylish and fun? It’s much easier than you’d think.  So if you want to show off a new top without spending much money you’ll definitely want to make this one!

Watch how CraftyGeeky makes this great looking top in her step by step tutorial.




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