She Traces A Top Adding A Stylish Flair That’s A Popular Chic Look Trending Right Now!

I’ve noticed that the styles for women are going back to the romantic and feminine look recently and I just love them!

I already had a couple of these tops when I ran across this tutorial and I decided to make one since I really like them a lot.

When I wear this stylish top I feel very feminine and it’s one of my favorite things to wear because it makes me feel pretty when I wear it. I love how the bell sleeves add a dramatic effect to a casual look!

We’ll also be seeing these bell sleeved sweaters this fall. I’ve seen them being advertised online and in magazines. This is certainly a big hit with the fashion industry.

I love how styles like this always roll back around. Some of the styles from years ago were some of my all time favorites and I’m so glad to see them come back in style.

The focus of this tutorial is to teach you how to transform an existing pattern to adapt it to the bell sleeve top design. Watch Ovoke makes this great looking top in her step by step tutorial and get busy making at least one of these for yourself…you’ll love it!





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