She Transfers Fancy Lettering Onto This And Creates An Astonishing Gift! (WATCH!)

I saw these on Etsy and they are rather pricey to purchase. Now you can learn some tips and make these gifts yourself or even sell them, if you choose! There are also quite a few online tips on Pinterest for the different styles of flags, banners and text dividers.

Many people do this fabulous chalkboard art for birthday gifts. When giving these as birthday gifts, people write all of the things that are of interest to the person they are giving these to on the chalkboard. It’s a very personalized gift and special gift.

Designing a chalkboard print is a lot of fun, for several reasons. One of the keys to making a beautiful chalkboard is to fill available space! When you’re designing a chalkboard  it’s truly all about being creative and artistic, and as such, there are no definitive “rules.” Just make it look pretty! If it looks beautiful to you, that’s what matters.

I’ve seen some amazing personalized chalkboard gifts and they look rather intimidating, but don’t let them intimidate you. Just make a start…you have nothing to lose!
Watch Nguyen’s World TV step by step tutorial to create a wonderful chalkboard gift!

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