She Uses 1 Multiple Colored Jelly Roll, Some Fun Fabric, And You’re Sure To Love This!

A lot of people call it the Jelly Roll Race, because it goes so fast that they want to race each other to see who can get it done quickest!

Jelly Roll Quilt patterns are great and this one is..quick and fun, just the project needed for a fun afternoon.
One Jelly Roll with 20 black and 20 white strips and add 1 yd of a bright fun fabric.

I’d never made one of these before, buy then the shop I work for needed one made and I volunteered. I did a bit of searching on Pinterest and found a few that I loved and then I ran across one of my favorite seamstress’s tutorial and decided on this one.

When I sat down to start this quilt, I also started a movie. I finished the quilt top before the movie was over. No lie. These Jelly Roll Race quilts really are that fast.

I quilted it the next day, using swirls and a paisley type design that sort of echoed what was in a few of the prints.

Watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes this fun and easy quilt in her step by step tutorial


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