Thursday, December 7

She Uses Her Left Over Scraps To Make This Absolutely Darling Valentines Day Wreath!

Someday Mama made this super easy, cute, and inexpensive rag wreath for Valentines Day out of small amounts of colorful fabric she picked up at the fabric store, but you can use old fabric scraps that you have left over from other sewing projects. It turned out kind of shabby chic, but it’s rather sassy! I hope you like this How-to Tutorial.

This is super easy to make this  DIY Valentines Day rag wreath and they are inexpensive too. In addition, you may even have the materials already laying around the house to make one.With just a few supplies and a little time, you can create your own.

Add something very bright and colorful to your front door for this fun holiday! It’s super easy to make! Its takes a little more time than a ruffle or pouf wreath, but you can grab your supplies and sit down in the living room and work while watching TV with the family.

She bought a 12″ wire wreath form to tie the rag strips around. After picking her fabric she cut 1″ notches in the fabric so she could rip it the rest of the way. Then she cuts about 6″ strips, after tearing the fabric into long strips. Then she went in random order, tying single knots with the strips, on the wire wreath. When she was finished she added a colorful heart with stitching around it (and a few buttons) in the middle of the wreath add that extra something cute!

You can use what you have or buy the fabric you want to use, if you don’t have the appropriate Valentines colors available. One woman bought fat squares. There are several ways to do this, so do what works best for you. This is a very inexpensive DIY project.

Watch how Someday Mama makes this darling wreath (with the assistance of her little twins) in her step by step tutorial and get busy tearing strips!




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