Thursday, November 30

She Uses Her Scrap Fabrics To Make A Rich Looking Quilt That Is Easy And Fun!

What a great way to use up your scrap fabrics in these awesome quilt blocks! I was so surprised at how simple it was to sew.
If you love quilting or are a beginner at quilting this is a great project. I’ve made several of these quilts, in several sizes, including a couple of baby quilts for gifts and they’re always a big hit!
I love quilting…it’s a relaxing hobby for me, and I do hand stitching while I watch all of my favorite shows I’ve recorded. It’s a perfect pastime, don’t you agree?

The thing I love most about quilts like these is all the color they add to your home! They also add that special touch of coziness and nostalgia that all homes scream for. A beautiful bright quilt always does the trick!

I come from a long line of quilters, so I grew up with quilts and love the way they feel to sleep under. There’s nothing better than a quilt!

Find out how to use scrap pieces and learn how to construct your quilt as you go by watching Ann Myhre, with Quilt As Inspired, make this in her step by step tutorial, so you can get started with this exciting and simple quilting project.

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