She Uses Some of Her Scrap Fabrics By Making An Item That Pet Owners Need. Watch!

This DIY project is really quick, and you have the opportunity to customize it with different fabrics.

I’m excited to show you this super simple project that you can make for your dogs – a DIY dog bandana!

Bandanas look so cute on dogs, but it’s often hard to find the right size for your pet and often fall off. Not to mention they can be uncomfortable to your pet once they are tied and get bunched up around their neck. That’s why Laura instructs us to leave the side around their neck stitch free, allowing the fabric to stretch.

When browsing Pinterest for dog bandanas one person used up old shirts to make her pets bandanas, which I thought was a brilliant idea! Great way to upcycle things we don’t wear anymore!

These diy dog bandana’s are made out of soft comfortable material. So, your furry companions will love wearing them. They would also make thoughtful gifts for pet lovers.

Grab your sewing materials, you are going to love making any one of these patterns including dog bandanas and vests! I’ve even inc

So, you think these dog bandanas are so cute, but you don’t have a dog to make one for?  Well, today’s a perfect time to check out your local animal shelter or rescue group to save a dog’s life with a new forever home.  I’m so happy we found our two fur babies!  We love them, and they make us smile every day.

Laura Coia shows us, in her step by step instructions, how to make these cute dog bandanas.


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