She Was Gonna Throw Away A Hibiscus Because It Was Leggy. She Saved It With This Info!

Hibiscus are one of my favorite varieties of flowers! The big, beautiful petals in so many lush colors make me instantly happy reminding me of my vacation I took to Hawaii.

Doesn’t a hibiscus tree in your front yard just give off an effortless island vibe? Here’s how to grow them so you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors!

Unfortunately Hibicus’s get leggy and there are certain times and ways to prune them. Pruning hibiscus’s usually depends on where you live. However, most hibiscus pruning occurs during spring. For the most part, hibiscus plants can be lightly pruned in late summer or early fall, but no hibiscus pruning should be done during late fall or winter.

One of the downsides to waiting later in the season to prune is that plants may not develop as many branches, and they will put out fewer blooms. Therefore, it is oftentimes better to prune dead or weak growth entirely after the plants beginning sprouting in spring.

In fact, spring should be the only time for complete cutting back. Pruning hibiscus plants entirely helps rejuvenate them for summer blooming.

Branch tips can be pinched, or tip pruned, throughout the season, however, to encourage bushier growth.

Watch this tutorial by PlantzNThings to get more information on how to keep your hibiscus heathy and thriving.

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