She Wraps A Zip Tie Around A T-Shirt And If You Love Hearts You Will Love This!

I love hearts and I really wanted to learn how to do this. When she finishes tie dying this shirt I got really excited about what it looked like! I thought there’s no time like the present, so I jumped in and followed the tutorial the best I could.

I’m happy to say that my t-shirt turned out really awesome and I’m so excited about wearing it! I liked the colors she used for the t-shirt she tie dyes in the tutorial so I used the same ones. This looks so great with white pants, or skirt, and jeans.

This was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be. I was so worried that the heart on my shirt wouldn’t look like a heart, but it turned out great!

So if you look in your closet and realize you’re ready for something new, then it’s the perfect opportunity to make a cute Tie Dye Heart Shirt and they’re quite inexpensive to make!

The coolest part about this easy craft is that the heart pattern appears on both sides of the shirt. You can create all kinds of unique designs on t-shirts. Make sure to look at some of the great ideas and instructions for making them on Pinterest. Soon you will be a pro at tie dying!

These make really awesome gifts…I mean, who wouldn’t love a handmade tie dyed t-shirt from you?

Watch how this gal, with I Love To Create, does this cool shirt in her step by step tutorial.

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