She Wraps Cotton Crochet Thread Around A Lid And Watch To See The Cool Item She Makes!

Anthropologie has some of the coolest things, but they come with a big price tag! Therefore, when I see a DIY project that is Anthropologie inspired I usually jump all over it and this is another one of those great projects that I just had to make right away.

I noticed that Zulily has a tassel chandelier for sale for $230! Then I saw that another store had one for $195. I saw both of these on Pinterest. Well, that was just what I needed to see to make me even more determined to make one of these and I made mine for less than the cost of the tax on theirs!

This has a bit of a Bohemian flare to it and that’s probably why I love it so much, other than the fact that it’s so cheap and easy to make! And, it looks so cool lit up at night!

When I made mine I put three times the tassels on it than this gal does in her tutorial. Mine is very dense and thick with tassels. It looks so awesome!

Watch how Jay Munee DIY makes this cool chandelier in her step by step tutorial.





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