She’s An Absolute Beginner At Sewing, So My Jaw Dropped When I Saw How Easily She Made This Awesome Wardrobe Addition

I think every woman should have a few of these in her closet. They are so classy and sassy at the same time! This is a tutorial, by Ovoke, for beginners, but certainly doesn’t look like it when you see the finished product! This takes me back to the 60’s era. I guess everything always comes back around! I’ve always loved the old styles so I’m glad about that.

When I was growing up sewing was a drudgery for me because if it wasn’t perfect my Mom made me rip it out and do it again. She is a perfectionist, so that spilled over to me. Although, it has been a while since I’ve sewed anything to wear, so this was a great thing for me to start back with. I was amazed at how easy it was to make. I have made one in several colors because I love it so much! My theory is “some is good, but more is better”! Not always a good plan in some cases, but with this it’s fabulous!

I love wearing skirts. They’re cooler than slacks and look classier. This skirt just has that certain oomph to it and will turn some heads when you wear it with some great looking heels! I love the houndstooth she uses in this tutorial. I definitely made one out of this fabric! It goes with almost every solid color imaginable. I get so many compliments when I wear this and nobody can believe I made it…if they only knew how easy it is!

I’ve been teaching my daughter how to sew and she loves this skirt. She actually did a great job making one of these. Since I feel like a beginner, all over again, we’ve been making some of these online tutorials and had quite a bit of success sewing them! We encourage each other, so it’s our special bonding time.

Watch this step by step tutorial and get busy making this stylish skirt!


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