She’s Pumped Up About Her Big Football Party And Makes These Yummy Cute Snacks (Watch!)

Most of us get really excited when football season rolls around. One of my favorite things about football, of course, is the yummy snacks to make!

Oh we are definitely having some football fever over here!  We are counting down to the big game this weekend. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for the game. mainly because my home team is in it!

We are a football family, and love watching games together.  Of course snacks and food are involved, and I’m all about simple .  One of my kids’ favorite snacks is popcorn, and it’s a popular and fun thing to munch on during a game.

At our house, we love getting ready for the Big Game, and this year, I am preparing a big, no, I mean BIG snacking event to go with the game! In our house, its “Go Big or Go Home!”.  And all the gang is comin’ over to get their snack on!
Game day, is party day, and my rule is, no one goes home hungry! You can’t watch any big game without a victory dance, and some good eats!

I love any excuse to bake and eat sweets! The Super Bowl may be all about football to many but to me it’s all about the food. Each year we get together with some friends for the Super Bowl and we’re surrounded by delicious food. Everyone brings their favorite treats to share and we eat until we can barely move.

Watch what Rosanna Pansino does in this step by step tutorial!

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