So Easy, So Feminine, So Beautiful Is This Lace Painted Dresser Transformation!

This is a wonderful idea to dress up drawers or any piece of furniture at all. Pop lace over the area to be sprayed for this stunning effect. It ‘s a great way to make your unsightly old dresser shine and different than it was before. The tutorial is simple and easy.

It’s amazing what a little paint spray can do to your things and their value to home decor. Having it handy at your home can quickly transform cheap stuff into high quality expensive looking decor elements…there are so many things you can do with it.

So, if you have an old ugly dresser you can give it a budget-friendly yet a stunning makeover. To do this, paint it in a solid color and simply place pieces of lace fabric over it when dried. After that spray paint it in a color that is visible on the dresser’s paint. And, I especially love the way GuideCentral English adds the glass knobs that really make their dresser beyond lovely!
Applying golden or metallic paint will create luxe accents, while black spray paint will refurbish old furniture, and that’s far from all the options you have. Take fabric spray paint and that’s where things get really interesting. So check out this DIY project and get yourself a couple of cans of spray paint.
Watch GuideCentral English’s step by step tutorial so you can transform that old piece of furniture for your home!

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