So You Think You Can’t Paint…Think Again & Watch!

Have you been wanting to learn how to paint on a Canvas but tell people that you can’t even draw a stick figure?  This is an easy solution to doing this!  You won’t even believe how little talent it takes to paint this work of art!  You can use any colors you want too!

Come on…anybody can put a wide brush in paint and do a simple stroke, but obviously a conglomeration of strokes can turn into something that looks like a genius did it!

When I first started painting I started with something simple like this and one thing led to another and now I really am able to call myself an Artist!  You just have to allow yourself to start somewhere!  I am now painting pet portraits and people actually pay me to do this!  You never know where the first step will lead you.  Just try this!  I think you’ll be really surprised!

All you need to do is go to Michael’s when they have canvas’s dirt cheap, pick up a few colors of inexpensive paint and a couple of cheap 2″ brushes…you’re on your way!

Watch this step by step tutorial and get out your paints and brushes!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!

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