Sock Donuts Are The Sock Rabbit of 2019. Easy and Too Cute For Words…

Sock donuts are the cutest thing I’ve made since I can’t remember…My granddaughter now has 5 of these I’ve made for her, and every birthday and Christmas, I get to make another to add to her collection. Want some cute gifts for friends, grandkids or even darling pet toys that are free for the making?  These will instantly make you think colorful creative thoughts and they’re made out of SOCKS!  I love to just set them on a plate on the cabinet in my kitchen…they’re so stinkin’ cute! My friends thought they were real! I laughed out loud!

I put a squeak toy in them for my dogs and they throw them around and play with them all the time.  They love them! You can also use these for pin cushions,pillow, stress balls, ear and hand warmers (you can put them in the microwave), attach a ribbon and put some essential oils on them to use them as an air freshen, make smaller ones, pencil topper.  Some people make small ones and wear them as a brooch on their jean jackets!  Or you can glue a magnet on them and use them on your fridge!  All you have to do is use your imagination!  Children would love to have these when they play in their little children’s kitchens…I know my little girl does!  She’s got a fridge, stove and oven, pots and pans, fake food, utensils…the works!  She was very happy to add these donuts to her collection.

In this tutorial she takes you step by step through how to make these!  All you need is a pair of socks, glue gun, felt, beads, yarn, pillow stuffing, scissors and a needle and thread. Sock donuts can be made with just about any type of sock and turn out adorable. I can’t say the same for old socks I’ve turned into various sock animals, but it is certainly the case when it comes to the uber cute and colorful sock donuts I’ve been making.


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