Something to Try: Iced Chocolate

Remember when Ben Blair and I went to Australia? One of the best takeaways from the trip was definitely Iced Chocolate. In every eating establishment we visited — fancy restaurants, simple cafés, sandwich shops, bakeries, etc. — there was ALWAYS iced coffee and iced chocolate on the menu. It was pretty much universal.

On our trip, the Australian Summer was just starting and the weather was already getting quite hot (we traveled to Sydney in early November), so iced drinks sounded just right. I’m not a coffee drinker, but was totally into trying Iced Chocolate — and I liked it so much that I ended up ordering one at every single food stop we made.

The thing is, each place made them a bit different — some with cocoa powder, others with syrup, some were blended, others shaken, some with whip cream and chocolate shavings on top, others served as a simpler version. Each establishment seemed to have their own take on the drink. So of course I kept wanting to try them all out and see which ones I liked best. I think my favorites were the ones where they would blend/crush the ice, so that it would be almost the texture of a slushie.

We’ve had a heat wave in the Bay Area this week, and twice now, when I’ve stopped for something cold to drink, and seen Iced Coffee on the menu, I’ve asked if they can make an Iced Chocolate instead. Both places said they’d never made one before, but they’d give it a try — and both were delicious!

If you’re curious, there are a ton of recipes you can try — but I don’t have a specific one to recommend, because so far, I’ve only ordered Iced Chocolates from restaurants and cafés. If you know of a reliable recipe, definitely share a link.

Have you ever had an Iced Chocolate? Have you ever been to Australia and had an iced drink there? I’m told they are popular throughout the whole country (not just Sydney). Do you have a favorite version? Related, have you ever been to Serendipity in NYC and had a Frozen Hot Chocolate?

P.S. — I’ve had a draft of a blog post reporting on our trip to Sydney for six months now, and still haven’t finished it. I’m not sure what’s holding me up, but maybe this post will be the thing to encourage me to finish it up and share it with you.

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