Sports Bras Are The Rage Now But They’re Expensive And This One Is So Easy You Won’t Believe It!

Many of us gals are wearing sports bras to work out in and under tank tops. Some of them can be very pricey…Lululemon, for example. I spent over $70 on two of them for my 8 yr old daughter! She wouldn’t take it off to be washed and would immediately put it back on after her shower. She loves it because her older sister wears them…go figure!

Anyway, I wish I’d seen this tutorial before I spent that much money on the ones I bought at Lululemon! Now that I know how to make these, I’m gonna use hers to make a pattern and see if she will wear the one I make her.

I’m definitely going to make me a few of them to go under my tank tops for the summer. I have a couple of tank tops where the arm pits dip lower down and my bra shows, so I’ve been wearing another tank top under it. This will be cooler. Plus, they’re nice to have on those few days a month that I work out.

Sports bras are one of those things that I know I need more of, but have felt silly spending a lot of money on. I wear them two or three times a week, primarily during activities, and I feel like the big bucks should be reserved for sexy lingerie or the perfect supportive, comfortable day-to-day bra.

Brandi Jackson shows us how to make a cheap and easy sports bra in her step by step tutorial…check it out!




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