Start Out 2017 Right And Get Organized With The Help Of This Professional Organizer!

Alejandra Costello has America’s most organized home and she’s sharing some of her clever tips with us! This is a great way to start off the new year. Yes, it’s a pain getting organized, but the time and frustration it saves you, in the end, is certainly well worth it!

This gal is so organized it makes my head spin! I have to say that she wins the “most organized person” award, in my book!

My kids start back to school, in just a few days, which is a good thing because my house looks like a series of tornadoes went through it. I am looking forward to some decluttering and organizing once next Wednesday rolls around. The only question is where to start. Perhaps some of these fab DIY organization ideas of Alejandra’s will help answer that with a bit of inspiration. And then I’ll need a huge pot of coffee to get me motivated to actually start!

I just had to resign myself to the fact that it MUST be done, so I started with one room at a time, otherwise I’d be all over the house and get nothing accomplished!

A few great things about getting organizing is that you find a lot of stuff that you were missing…I know I will! My kids are notorious for snatching my things and it’s like they just disappear off the planet!

Alejandra Costello has some amazing ideas for storing and organizing things and I’m going to try to follow her step by step tutorial as closely as I can. Watch it and get organized with me!




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