Strappy Bralettes Are The RAGE Right Now And They’re So Easy And Cheap to Make!

Salina Gomez was on Ellen yesterday and was wearing a bralette just like this with a white jacket and slacks, so these must be really popular! I might add that she looked pretty stunning too!

You can either live the lounge life in style with this cute, comfy intimate or if you’re just looking for a light weight undergarment because it’s so hot outside, these little “bralettes” are so easy and quick to make! I especially like the black one!  It could definitely be worn as a swimsuit top. The lace one is really feminine looking and probably should to be worn under something. It would be nice to whip one of these up for a special night, so keep this saved tutorial bookmarked so you can grab it quick for last minute plans!

The strappy bralettes are the rage right now! I was browsing Pinterest and clicked on a bralette that looked like the one in this video, by The Sorry Girls, and it was sold out at Neiman Marcus! I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing the black bralettes under their tank tops, with the straps peeking out, and it looks really cute. I personally like them too, especially the black one. I think it’s sexy and I might just have to make one for myself! I’ve seen a dupe at Forever 21 that was $6 and this one costs about $2 to make. Why buy it when you can whip one of these out so fast? You can make these with left over scrap material that you have too!

My teenage daughter wants to make both of these that are shown in this tutorial, but she’s not going to wear the lace one under overalls like the girl in the video does!  She just recently started sewing and this would be something easy she can make without much effort. It doesn’t cost anything to make, since it requires so little fabric.

Watch how she makes these in this step by step tutorial so you can make some of these!



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