Stunning & Bright Poppy Pillow Will Bring A Big Pop of Color to Your Home!

I LOVE poppies and I fell in love with this pillow when I first laid eyes on it!  When I was a child my Grandmother grew a field of poppies. Since then I adore anything with poppies on it.  I have a huge flower arrangement in my living room with orange, yellow and white poppies.  I orginally saw it in the window of Kirkland’s and wanted it so bad, but there was a big price tag on it.  I couldn’t get it off my mind so I went back and it was still there, but on sale!  I had to make it mine!

This pillow is so easy to make, you won’t believe it! I made two of them for my sofa and it adds so much color and cheerfulness to my living room. I made a few of these to give as gifts and my friends were overjoyed when they received them.  I’m thinking about making a couple of yellow ones to contrast with the orange ones I made.  You can never have too many pillows!

Watch the simple step by step tutorial so you can make your poppy pillow!


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