Saturday, December 2

Stunning DIY Bottle Wall Can Be Yours In Only A Few Hours…

I’ve seen a lot of people use these outdoors as a colorful partition, but they look fabulous indoors too! This is an awesome DIY project and cheaper than buying a bottle tree!

Crafts made from recyclable and eco-friendly materials always catch the eyes. If you have empty wine bottles laying around your house, why not recycle them by making some easy fun crafts? These wine bottle crafts will surely add a cool eclectic style to your home or backyard patio. Or, why not use them to make a fence…or an insert into your fence or a fence around a patio?

These also look good on your patio inserted into the wall in front of a bar! So many ideas for this cool DIY project! I’m currently thinking about the best place for mine!

Drill holes in bottles and wash really good or the residue will turn to concrete. Then remove the labels. The hardest part about this project is removing the labels. You can use Goof Off or Eco Friendly Acetone. Trust me, it’s well worth the time it takes to remove these…think of the end result!

Then you slide the rebar through the holes, separating each bottle with rubber rings….install them and voila!

Watch how Stacey Hare does this in her step by step tutorial!

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