Thursday, December 7

Stunning T-Shirt Design Using a Bleach Pen!

This is the coolest way to design a t-shirt!  My new obsession…drawing on a shirt with a paint pen!  This looks awesome with jeans or white pants! I’m in love with mine and get so many compliments on it when I have it on!  Nobody ever believes I made it myself!  Then they want to know how to get their own!  Who would have ever thought that you could put a design on a t-shirt with a bleach pen?  There are so many ideas running through my head, after making this one!  I’m sure I’m gonna have a few of these before it’s all over.  Bleach pens are so great because you can control where the bleach goes and not ruin your shirt.  I’ve always loved tie-dyed t-shirts, but I believe this is my favorite new way of decorating a t-shirt!  It’s so easy!  Be sure to use 100% cotton t-shirts, or whatever you choose to paint on.  Synthetic fibers don’t work so well.  Look on Pinterest for all kinds of lovely designs on t-shirts, throw pillows, skirts, jeans & all kinds of things! You’ll be awe struck by these creations.   After watching the attached video you will be able to make all kinds of amazing clothing!

Watch how she does a few shirts on this step by step tutorial so you can make your own!

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