Thursday, December 7

Stunning Way To Support Breast Cancer Awareness. Watch What She Does!

Here’s a great opportunity for everyone to get informed about breast cancer disease, but also serves as a reminder of the necessary steps to take in order to keep yourself healthy.

Making a breast cancer awareness wreath is a wonderful, thoughtful present to give to someone who has fought it or who has a friend or a family member that is dealing with it. A wreath like this one can also be displayed in honor of those who we might have lost because from breast cancer. I loved this wreath so much that I had to have one to put on my front door, even though breast cancer awareness month is in October, I thought it was pretty enough to leave up for the warmer months too.

These wreaths range anywhere from $40-$100 and up on Etsy, but now you won’t have to pay that with this great DIY tutorial! I just love finding instructions for making something that I’ve been wanting…and then finding out how easy it is to make!

I was especially drawn to the wreath Creative Gift Packaging does because I love the color and pattern combination she uses on it, but it was even more special because it represented breast cancer awareness. I have so many friends who have had to deal with breast cancer and it seems only right that I support them. We never know when it could happen to us.

Watch how Creative Gift Packaging makes this stunning wreath in her step by step tutorial so you can make one of these fabulous wreaths.




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