Saturday, December 2

Stylish & Feminine Dress Form Pin Cushions Are So Nouveau Riche!

As I’ve said before, I love anything that is unique, such as these fabulous dress form pin cushions!  You can add any kind of bling you want to to these adorable pin cushions.  There are so many cool fabrics out there, that I’ll bet you make more than one!  For the pedestals you can use a small candle holder, wooden dowels (you can paint designs on) and pour a small amount of concrete into miniature tin buckets.  There’s so much you can do with these to make them gorgeous and your very own!

I had a lot of fun making these with my daughter.  You can also use these to stick broaches & earrings into!  I have a life size dress form and I’ve always been drawn to the look of a dress form.  I have some necklaces on mine and it adds that extra touch of fun and funky to my room! Dare to be unconventional!

Watch this step by step tutorial and go crazy making these…we did!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends and family!


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