Thursday, December 7

Super Easy Wrap Vest Only Takes 2 Minutes To Make! Cheap And Simple…

And, did I mention that there’s no sewing involve? This clever little DIY sewing project only takes 1 yard of fabric and literally takes 2 minutes to make! Now how many sewing/non-sewing projects can you say this about?

I saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try and it’s so unbelievably easy that I had to share this! I have also seen these in stores and loved how lightweight and fun they were to layer. It is shockingly easy, and if you don’t want to sew, you don’t have to. It’s been forever and a day since I have done a DIY, and may be another year before I try again, but this one was to easy to keep to myself.

Believe it or not, you can actually turn this wrap into a scarf! I kid you not! So, there are three ways to wear this little jewel! Wear it without a belt and let it flow freely, wear it with a belt, or turn it into a scarf! Seriously, gals, what do we have to lose by making this?

I think it’s best to buy a jersey type fabric or a faux suede to make this so you don’t have raveling fabric, since it doesn’t require that you use a sewing machine.

That’s it! Easy breezy right? This is a very versatile piece with many different styling options. It also works great if you want to pack light for your travels.

Watch how Let’s DIY does this in her step by step tutorial so you can make this cool vest! Nobody would ever dream that you made it, much less in 2 minutes!

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