Surprisingly Easy Tip For Getting Your Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash…

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with walking my dogs on a leash is that one of them is strong as an ox and wants to walk ME! He only weighs 20 lbs, but his strength is phenomenal.

I was so glad to have run across, Dr. Jones, DMV’s tutorial about how to stop this behavior! When a dog is pulling on his leash it makes walking him very miserable. My other Schnauzer doesn’t do this, so thank God both of them wasn’t pulling at the same time.

I bought a halter because I was concerned, by the way he was pulling on his leash, that he was going to mess up his larynx and have permanent damage. At times he would end up coughing because he had pulled so hard!

Getting your dog used to this new program does take a little patience and time, but, trust me, it is well worth it! I did this with my dog, Charlie, and he is now walking on a leash without constantly pulling. It’s such a huge relief! Now walking my dogs is a pleasant experience.

Dr. Jones shows us several techniques and also suggests a Halti for some dogs. It goes over their snout and does not hurt them. I had seen these on dogs and thought it was to keep them from biting, but not the case. I was glad to learn about the function of this dog accessory.

Watch how Dr. Jones, with Veterinary Secrets, trains his dog to stop pulling on his leash in his step by step tutorial so you can make your dog walking more enjoyable for both you and your dog!


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