Thursday, November 30

Thank You For Your Patience

[ UPDATE: I wrote this post in the morning and then couldn’t get it published till the afternoon, and right after I published it I got the good news that power has been restored! LET THERE BE LIGHT! Such a relief. I’m truly so grateful. All I want to do now is laundry. Hah! ]


Hey there. If you have some happy thoughts or a prayer or some good vibes you can send my way, I would very much appreciate it. Today’s day number five of no electricity at my house, and I’m having a rough time of keeping a good attitude.

The reason we don’t have electricity is that two of our neighbor’s trees fell down (heavy rains after a long drought have lots of Oak trees falling around the city), and ripped out our weatherhead (the metal rod on the house that the power connects to), which in turn left a big hole in the exterior wall. PG&E (our electric company) came to take a look and had to cut the line completely.

The tricky thing is that I head to Palm Springs for Alt Summit day after tomorrow. Which means this loss of power coincided with the major crunch time before the event. It also coincided with the trip to the emergency room that I mentioned (nothing major, but a very mangled and broken finger for Olive — I still owe you the story), and Betty having a bad cold and not being able to attend school.

It would have been a rough week of last-minute conference changes and deadlines anyway, but having no power has made things especially hard to manage. Should I go and work at a café or wait for PG&E at the house? Would under-the-weather Betty be more comfortable at home without power or at a hotel? Will power get restored today or do we need to find a place to stay tonight? Should I hit the laundromat or wait until we get electricity restored? I’m going a bit bonkers with uncertainty.

I appreciate your patience and kind words as I’ve been out of commission. I confess, I’m embarrassed about how emotionally needy I am at moment. I’m being such a complainer! Sorry about that. The good news is: I do have a home tour for you! I’ll work on that next.

P.S. — Powerful words by Amy Turn Sharp. When I’ve felt like I’m losing my mind this week, I’ve been so grateful for your comments. I feel very lucky that the Design Mom community is filled with powerful women.

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