The Awesome Thing She Does With Giant Bouncy Balls Blew My Mind…It’s Quite Clever!

Seeing these was a first for me and I think this is a brilliant idea! I couldn’t wait to add these to my outdoor Christmas decorations. Your neighbors will be wondering where you got these cool decorations!

I got so excited about putting away my Halloween decorations so I can start making and putting out Christmas decor. Wait ’til you see these jolly giant ornaments! I’ve seen giant ornaments you can hang on your porch but these have a little twist to them.

No one will ever believe this was once a kid’s bouncy ball! I’m pretty pleased at how cute these Santa belt ornaments came out!

SUPPLIES: -black paint (I used ultra cover premium latex paint I had on hand.) -black glitter -sponge brush -3 deli style containers -metallic gold spray paint -metallic silver spray paint -18 gauge wire -wire cutters -needle nose pliers -craft sticks (or popsicle sticks) -caulking, painter’s tape -super glue -box cutter (or X-Acto knife) -fishing string And of course don’t forget….bouncy balls! I snagged three of these for $2.88 a piece at Walmart. The receipt didn’t say what size they were but I estimated them to be 2′.

Watch how this gal with Hometalk makes these in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making these over the top decorations too! Your neighbors will be envious!


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