The Clever Thing She Does With A Lace Knee High Took Me By Surprise. Watch!

When I saw what she did with mason jars I couldn’t believe how simple, yet brilliant it was! I’ve done so many mason jar crafts and these are so impressive with very little work required.

I would have never thought about putting a knee high on anything other than my foot, much less a mason jar! The possibilities are endless with all of the beautiful lace knee highs available to us now!

We paint, decoupage, glue bobbles, shells and all kinds of things to mason jars. Not so with this simple DIY project that doesn’t involve a lot of gluing and/or painting.

These make great containers for gifts for the holiday season and you can put the mate to the knee highs inside the jar (so that they can be worn), along with your other goodies you include inside!

This is so simple that, if you have a last minute gift to give, you can do this in a snap! Just swing by a grocery store to pick up a gift card to the person’s favorite store, then enclose a gift card inside! Clever idea, right? Saves a lot of time and frustration.

Watch how this little gal, with Craft Life, does this in her step by step tutorial.




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