The Cutest Little Pin Cushion I’ve Ever Seen Is Made From Fabric Scraps!

As a seamstress, it’s vital to have all of your essentials within easy reach. An absolute must is the much-loved pincushion which, thankfully, isn’t a basic cushioned design any more. These days, a pincushion can be whimsical, fun, eye-catching, personal to you… it can even act as a way of brightening up your sewing space. And, better still, an intriguing design has the ability to encourage a sewing project or a few.

Don’t you just love cute little pincushions? I think they’re so fun to make up and you can never have enough cute places to hold your pins and needles. They make such great gifts too!

The fabric hoarder in me is rejoicing right now. I can buy and buy and buy and have yet another reason to keep my fabric scraps! (as if I needed one…

Use bold fabric, zany buttons, and quirky ribbons to elevate the practical pincushion to new heights of style. No reason a pincushion can’t be fun, right?

These are easy enough that you can make a bunch of them and use them as name cards, by monogramming them. to use at a dinner party or to give away in gift bags. A really cute and clever idea!

Do you love to sew? Of course, you do! That is how you know that every good seamstress needs a great pin cushion by his or her side. There is no better way to get your hands on a pincushion than to sew it yourself.  From cupcake pincushions to accessory pin cushions, such as a wristwatch, the list goes on and on, but this little pincushion is easy, cute and it can be whipped out fast.

Amanda Rolfe will show you in her step by step tutorial how easy these are to make. Check it out below!


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