The Dirtiest Things In The Home And How To Clean Them…

Many of us make cleaning a priority in our home, but I’m sure we all miss some of the dirtiest things! It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Don’t you hate it when you find out that you have been touching the places that have the most germs and bacteria charged areas of your home every day and you didn’t even know it? Chances are, in fact, that the areas that most people think are teaming with the icky stuff (like the toilet) are not actually the dirtiest places you encounter daily.

Where most germs breed are warm and moist places. There are thousands of  bacteria, that live pretty much everywhere. In the air, water or soil as well as in our home. Apart from bacteria there are viruses, they straddle the fence between living and nonliving. Viruses are floating around in the air, they can be found in water or sitting on a doorknob. Once they come into contact with a suitable life form we get infected, and thus, we get sick.

While most of these organisms are harmless, some are not that friendly so you really don’t want them to linger in your home. There are many places that should be cleaned much more frequently than we actually do. Watch this step by step tutorial by Vasseur Beauty to find out some of the dirtiest spots in your home and how to get rid of germs effectively.

Photo Credit: Moritz Fine Designs

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