The Easy Way To Keep The Original Hem On Your Jeans (“Magic Hem” Tutorial)

Tired of buying fabulous jeans only to find that they are too long, and never look the same when you hem them? Keeping the original look of jeans, including the original hem, is important. Otherwise, it is all too obvious to all who look, that they have been altered. In the past few years, I’ve purchased some fairly expensive designer jeans and then ended up hemming them myself, only to be quite sorry later that they did not look as great as when I bought them. The hem I did myself is neat and even, but it looks nothing like the pretty stitched hem the jeans came with.

When you go to have jeans altered professionally, they always keep the original hem, even if inches are taken up, but how? I’ve wondered this since I would love to be able to hem my own jeans at home. I certainly know how to sew well enough, so I just needed to find the right tutorial. Fortunately, I learned how to make a “magic hem” with this cool video that gives away the secret that professional tailors use to hem jeans. I really thought this one was going to be difficult, but it is actually pretty darn easy. Just follow the step by step instructions in the video to learn how to hem your jeans this way. We think the results are stellar, how about you?

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