The Incredible Item She Makes With A Shampoo Bottle Absolutely Floored Me. Watch!

A fabulous idea on how to recycle an empty shampoo bottle into a small tag bag, for your keys, coins. Fabulous!

She makes her recycling and other craft projects looks so simple. Like for this recycled bottle craft:  Just cut that top off the bottle, leaving a ‘flap shape’ on on one side and a flat edge on the other. Then she put a hole in a flap section and another in the facing bag body; inserted a heart-fastener, and voila.

These fabulous purses are so adorable that even I have a hard time believing that they were originally intended for the recycle bin.

A lot of us like to carry small purses when we go out at night, rather than wag along a big bag that’s so cumbersome. These little purses can be embellished with all kinds of fabulous things and nobody would believe that they were originally a shampoo bottle!

The fabric and craft stores carry some amazing things to dress up these little purses any way you’d like to…whimsical, classy, stylish. Just use your imagination!

And, don’t forget that these are also perfect for little girls in your family. They make great birthday presents. I can’t imagine any little girl not being super excited to receive one of these!

Watch how Easy DIY Crafts makes these darling little bags in her step by step tutorial…you’ll never throw a shampoo bottle away again!


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